Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Bunny is Here

Easter is only a week away how did it come so Quickly?

Happy Easter to all of you I hope this day is spent with Loved ones and enjoyed for the renewal of Spring .

As you can probably tell I love animals, all animals  big, small, furry ,hairless,feathered.cute and the not so cute. I love Bunnies and birds and baby chics and all babies in the animal kingdom.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am pretty fearless with all animals.I am not a threat so pose no fear to animals.

So I chose bunnies for this Easter. They are cute, adorable come in a multiple of sizes and colors and I don't know how we got from Jesus and theCross to cute bunnies and chics and Easter baskets and new dresses

I didn't make this decision but I too am following it.Maybe because bunnies and chics give us hope of newness

So my table is adorned with Bunnies lots of bunnies right down to the tiny little napkin rings with adorable bunnies on them. 

From plates to candles to decorations to bunny ears for napkins yes I am guilty of running with the Bunny theme.

But come on they are so cute and innocent and cuddly looking.

Spring is all colors  more than a rainbow just pure eye candy with all that blooms .Here I chose pastels for my backdrop.I just love pastel dyed eggs.(Eggs and Bunnies how did they ever connect?)

From plaids to dots to stripes and flowers they all go together.
There are bunnies under glass,

bunnies holding candles

Or holding up cake plates in playful pose

Bunnies down the center and at each place

Bunnies with dots and some without.

Bunnies with flowers and just as cute as cute can be.

Bunnies holding court over dyed Easter eggs

Or some getting ready to paint

They are all out to enjoy this Easter parade

Whatever or how ever you dress up your Easter in bunnies and eggs ,chics or baskets,chocolate or grass have a wonderful warm cuddly JOYFUL filled Easter.Share with Loved ones and all your Littles and Feel what this season of Hope and Rebirth is all about. Happy Easter to everyone in Blog Land.Love Susie


  1. Be careful with those BUNNIES Susie you know they say about rabbits mutilplying soon will be all through your apt.Nice table. ROY

    1. thank you for your sweet comments.I Love Easter and all it Susie

  2. Hi Susie,
    Your Easter tablescape is so darling. I love the pastel colors and absolutely adore your bunny plates. Susie, please visit The Little Yellow Corner Store and go to the Powr Contact Form and send me your email address. I would be happy to send you the instructions on hold to fold the butterfly napkin. It is in a non-English language, but the pictures are very clear. I will try to do a post myself on how I folded the napkins, but I thought you might like the instructions before the Easter holiday. Thank you and Happy Easter!

    1. I can't wait to practise making the napkin folds. Your table was just stunning.thank you for replying and Happy Easter to you and your family.Love Susie

  3. Susie, your tablescape is really cute and colourful. I like the soft pastels of your table cloth as it pulls all the lovely bunnies and eggs together in a harmony of colour. The place settings are really pretty and it just makes one happy to look at your table. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy Easter!


    1. Sandi Happy Easter to you and your family.I hope you get to enjoy Easter and spring and that both are colorful and filled with LOVE.Susie

  4. Your table is gorgeous with such charm. I love your charming and whimsical plates. Everything you have on this table looks so perfectly festive together. I also really like how you have folded your napkins. Happy Easter dear Susie. Love, Valerie

  5. Very cute tablescape! I love your bunnie plates and especially those gorgeous purple glasses!


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.