Monday, February 8, 2016

In honor of a loved one

This is a short post this this week. I've been down with the flu and just can't get my energy back. I hope you are all well and not fighting colds or flus.

My mantel was done in soft feminine  pinks and teacups and just some pieces I thought would look good together. But today I found out my friend who has battled Breast cancer for 8 years lost her fight and went home to the Lord. So this post is in her honor.

To the left of the clock is a sign that reads HOPE and one on the right that says JOY.When you are a cancer survivor as I am for 8 years you live on HOPE and try to find JOYS where ever and when ever you can.My friend Carolyn went thru treatment with me.I was lucky and have have been in full remission for these past 8 years.She wasn't so lucky.But this woman had the strongest spirit I have ever seen she truly was a warrior.

In this little jar is a tag that says LOVE on it.sorry I didn't do so well with the pics.

So tonight I offer my prayers for her family and share in her JOY of going to heaven.Her life now is truly Blessed.

So if you know of someone who is battling a horrible disease lift them up in HOPE that they too can still find JOYs  in life.

Journey well my friend you will be greatly missed and LOVED.Susie


  1. Susie that was Beautiful and very Thoughtful of you for that blog. I,m sorry for your loss. ROY

  2. Thanks Roy she is in HEaven now but so at loss for those she left behind.Sue

  3. What a wonderful tribute. Not only beautiful to read but beautiful and soothing to see. You are a wonderful woman my friend. Valerie

  4. Good Morning my Dear Friend Valerie. Happy Valentines Day to you this day.Hope you have a great day.losing someone we Love is never easy but truly knowing they are in such a better place.Susie


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