Monday, February 22, 2016

Friends of the Earth

Hello Everybody I have great news the SUN came out for the entire day in Seattle. It has been a very rare site in these parts for a long time. With so much rain bushes are starting to sprout beautiful pinks fragrant blossoms.I hope Spring comes in real quick.

I made this little display on my coffee table in anticipation of spring and all the animals coming out to play.

The whole thing came about when a dear friend was moving and asked if I wanted this scrap of fabric.I Loved it instantly but didn't know how to use it.It's only a scrap not enough to even make napkins out of.

I think these bunnies hanging off a carrot tree is too cute and whimsical.

They are all in playful modes from pulling a wagon full of tulips to letting a chick perch on its head

How adorable is this pattern? dragonflies and happy worms and caterpillars and smiley snails is this cute or what?

This little guy is hiding under a toadstool

This one popped out of the top wondering how he got here

The Birds are nesting watching all the antics of the critters playing

I found what I thought to be a tea pot at a thrift store with little critters all over it peeking out and smiling.But didn't know till I got it home it is not a teapot but a music box

The dragonflies and butterflies are eagerly waiting for the SUN of spring to warm us up.

Even the critters on this tiny tea set want to join in all the fun and Play along

So here they are awaiting the arrival of spring

I think I will let them enjoy their fun for a little while besides aren't we all ready for spring and flowers and Sunshine and planting and the joys of scents soon to be coming our way? I know I am 

So while we wait a little bit longer  enjoy your week Stop by and hang out with some great blogs and get some great ideas to use for your homes,tables and gardens.Spread some JOY to someone or something this week.Go buy some early flowers in bloom (even if they are silk) just to brighten your day/Happy Sunshine to Everybody. I'm joining Between Naps on the Porch,Home is Where the  Boat is, Candlelight your Supper,May Days, Cuisine Kathleen and so many more.Love Susie


  1. Susie great job with the dragon flies and worms and etc, it worked Susie as usual, you need sun up there right now. Roy

    1. Is it Spring yet in San Diego? are you ready for it? I sure am and am hoping with this abundance of rain we have had Spring is going to be spectacular.thanks for stopping by.Susie

  2. Replies
    1. Want to come out and play my friend?love you back Susie

  3. Soon the critters will be out to play and the sun will be shining most every day. I love the whimsy and the bright happy Spring colors.

  4. Spring is finally coming around I dont know how anything grows when all it does is rain.Dont trees and flowers need sunshine too?I know I do is it starting Spring in your area yet?love susie


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