Monday, January 9, 2017

Amsterdam table and WinterHello everybody Happy

Hello Everybody Happy 2017.I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season.I had a wonderful time. I went and visited my son in Brookings Oregon,It was so beautiful there

While there I found these perfect blue plates that I wanted to complete my Amsterdam table.Only while in Amsterdam I couldn't afford the plates there but did purchase a few items.
So I set a table for Tea.Its been in the low 20's here in seattle I thought an evening Tea would be nice

These little adorable beauties came from Amsterdam

As did this little cup just to precious

I bought the little porcelain wooden shoes and was going to use as napkin rings but decided to just put into a bowl and enjoy all of them

I loved all the blue and white while in Amsterdam just so serene and pretty.There were shops everywhere that carried the blue and white motif but just not in my price range. oh well you have to make do with what you got.  
This is the view I woke up to on New Years Day 8 in of beautiful pristine snow. Well I knew I couldn't go anywhere so just hunkered in and enjoyed the beauty.

It was so pretty

Not even a footprint to mar the surface

I couldn't even open my back porch door it was so snowed in.

The neighbors went out and built a six foot snowman later in the day.then temps fell and the driveway was solid ice for four days .getting in and out was a nightmare.

Even my beach was gorgeous with the Olympic Mts in the distance.On the news it said 48 out of the 50 states has already gotten snow this year.Including Hawaii. Wow  hope this isn't an omen. I hope you all are warm, safe and enjoying the start to a new year. please be safe driving in this white beauty it can be dangerous. Love Susie


  1. Beautiful scenery,you be careful xoxo

  2. Had to let you know how much I liked your table....all things "Amsterdam" warm my heart. However, dear Susie, you can keep the snow. It is absolutely beautiful, but oh so COLD. Just keep warm. Katie


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