Saturday, June 11, 2016

sweet pea Paris

Happy June everybody.Seattle has not caught up with the rest of the country in regards to Mother Nature being in summer and warm temps.We have still been stuck in the 50's-60's. no complaints but when you see the water slides advertised you kinda kwuinge at how cool it still is. 

I went to our local Farmer's Market and they had these black and white sweet peas  flowers yes I said black.I have never seen them but bought them home because they smell divine.

So I put together this black and white tea in paris luncheon

the plates have a matching accessory

See I told you they are black.Has anyone else ever seen these?

the purse plate has a matching purse clutch

the gloves have a matching set of lace gloves(pulled from my Halloween stash)

Tea is ready to be served

the hat will serve double duty as my sun hat when I go to Uganda in October

black lace and toile runner  classy

These flowers look fake but they aren't

Here you can see them

the shoe plate has a matching black shoe(old Christmas ornament)

Bling and Shiny

I'm ready to serve the lunch.What shall we have ?French Macaroons,Pate Choux,Coq au Vin?

come join us for a women's lunch with a French flare.

I try to get out and enjoy this great city I now call home. Here are a few of the things I do when I'm not working twelve hour days.This is Ocean Shores Beach. Far cry from San Diego coastline
Here is where I work looks much different from this height compared to being below ground level on work days
This a place called Kabuto Gardens.A little pocket of treasure I found near my local Walmart.
And visiting my favorite mountain up close and personal.Mt Rainier.Well hope you are all well and have a wonderful week. Come visit the blogs.They are having a much betterSummer than we are and their gardens and porches are gorgeous.Between Naps on the Porch, Bargain Decorating, Home is where the Boat is and so many more.Love you  .Susie


  1. Susie, ithink this is on my top 2 list very sensual and the black flowers are beautiful. ROY

  2. Yea I think one of my favs too.found the four plates at thrift store for 49 cents a piece the glassware was 69 cents each and the accessories at dollar tree made this entire table on $10.pretty cool but come on black sweet peas?thats the flowers that were at that barn in Crest with the maze we always went to,only they didnt have black ones.Love Susie

  3. I agree with Roy you have out down yourself gorgeous & classy xoxo

  4. I saw these plates at the thrift store and they were half price so they came home with me.but the real neat find were the tiny black sweat peas flowers.I tell you Lisa this state is amazing in what grows here.Love Susie

  5. Wonderful tea setting Susie. I love the black and white motif. Very elegant and pretty.

  6. Thanks Candy for stopping buy it's so good to hear from you How have you been? this was a fun table to create entirely thrift store except the sweet peas that I got at the Farmers Susie

  7. Somehow I missed this tablescape as well. What a classic and absolutely beautiful design. I love all of your amazing details. I love those plates and the flowers and have never seen either of them. Love all the details... Amazing!

  8. I had Fun putting this together but it really shocked me finding black sweet peas the rest was just a day at the thrift store.cant beat plates when they are 49 cents and so cute too.Love Susie


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