Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Garden and Parade

Happy First Day of Summer.Wow how did it get to be summer already ?This year is just flying by way to fast.So I don't have a garden or a backyard I can fix up or decoraate for the Summer so I did a table with a Garden theme instead.

Hydrangeas in Washington grow in such abundance here and HUGE heads on them.They are like the local weed.Don't anyone from Seattle hate me on this .I love them I am so blown away by them,their colors like a rainbow,blues ,pinks cremes, pinks greens so hard to choose.

Garden Gloves to make me think of digging in the soil.

A wreath full of of them surrounded by colorful candles

Butterfly and dragonfly plates set to look like coming out of a flower petal

Just a simple table set for two

Throw in some flower seed packets ready to go in the ground

The shovel is ready to dig the potted flowers with ( my want to be garden)

I'm ready with the trowel just need some sunshine.The entire country is feeling the Heat. Seattle has not gotten the Summer memo. The biggest draw to Seattle is the Fremont Solstice parade. The 66,000 parade goers arrived at Gas Works Park to the accompaniment of temperature in the  55 degrees mark(HUH) pouring rain and summer lightening and thunder storms 

Last year I was in the parade as a Seattle Super Hugger and it was enormous Fun. This year due to my foot surgery I couldn't walk the parade so got to sit at the Info booth and greet the crowds as they arrived. Hope you all have a great Summer start and stay cool. Some of this Nations temps are just brutal.Please open your hearts and prayers for Orlando and all the people involved.This was huge tragedy that will take along time to heal thru and I'm sure none of us want to hear about.Be kind to your neighbor,be careful with the Littles out of school.take a senior someplace to cool down and check out the Bevy of blogs out there.I love their ideas,insight nd inspirations.Like Between Naps on the Porch.Come join us.Happy Summer.Love Susie


  1. Susie, very well done your tables always look great, I would say keep up the good work but you have always done that

    1. I wish you get out of that sweltering heat andenjoy a beautiful summer up here you'll never know how much you could enjoy this

  2. Summer is here! You always get it just right xoxo

  3. I wish you were here to enjoy it with me.Seattle is so alive so Vital so Much!!!!! love you so much.Love Susie

  4. Susie, The dragonfly and butterfly plates are perfect for a early summer table setting. Everything looks lovely. The hydrangeas are exquisite, I love them! My hydrangeas died back again over the winter. I hope to get a few blooms later this summer..

    I hope to visit a little more often come fall and winter. Hugs, Candy

  5. Hi Candy there is this magnificent abandoned house that was condemned due to it getting flooded by the body of water of Puget Sound but nobody told the hydrangeas they were supposed to die off and there are just massive blooms of these in a riot of color so I just went picking one day. the Flowers in this state are so spectacular.Hope you are well and enjoying summer.Love Susie

  6. Somehow I missed this post! What a pretty, pretty table! Your plate stack is gorgeous and you have combined it all for a lovely tablescape. I enjoyed all of your photos. Thank you

  7. Oh Valerie after looking at how your tables are always so perfect I feel so inept with the way mine comes together some times.I truly envy the people like you who have backyards or patios to dress us. Happy Summer Val.Love Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.