Thursday, April 16, 2015

Springtime in wanna be Paris

My idea of springtime in paris started with these too cute plates from Home Goods

Hello everybody I hope your weeks have been well I didn't post last week I was out of town and will send a post on that next week but just have to say I had a Wonderful with a capital W  time
This table came about with a giant snowball tree in the back yard that I wanted to use in my table and the glorious pink rosebuds blooming maybe not cherry trees but still gorgeous in spring

I custom ordered this sign on ebay and just love it so that helped inspire me for a table in paris theme.

I had pink Paris napkins I used and while at Home Goods they had these tiny dainty little dessert forks with little jewels on them they just had to come home with me.

I didn't use many plates in the stack just a pink charger a white and silver base plate and the little Paris dessert plates

the flatware looks gold in this candle lite but truly it is very shiny silver colored look at these little forks aren't they adorable?

 I added little Eifle towers I had
here are the snow balls and roses together

 Individual little dessert snack plates at each setting I love to entertain but I love serving mostly just desserts

beautiful crystal stemware for water and some bubbly maybe a chocolate wine dessert liquor

Or maybe some yummy strawberry shortcakes will be splurged on served on a cotton candy cake plate

Heres a view of the whole table now you can see the silver of the flatware and flowers and candles are set

pink and lace tablecloths for that touch of romance I could only imagine a visit to Paris would be like


the flowers on the plates look like raniculas but I thought I would use rosebuds
Hope you enjoyed my pretend visit to Paris for a lovely Spring time dessert night I will be joining Susan at Between naps on the Porch this week , Funky Junk Interiors,Lets join the Scoop come out and play with us you'll enjoy yourself with some gorgeous table eye candy have a good week Susie


  1. Oh my, this table is so pretty... All of your lovely touches make this tablescape so beautiful. Love, the plates, all of them. Your Paris napkins are adorable. Love your flowers, cake plate, with cake on them. The sign, it is beautiful! The forks from Home Goods are stunning. I will have to go and see if I can find them. I am not doing a tablescape this week and your is the only one I have commented on, I had to do it as it is so gorgeous!

    1. Valerie you make me feel SO GOOD i woke up today with the nasties you know nasty green head stuff body aches chills the usual cold stuff but I haven't been sick in eight years (it's what chemo does for your immune system)and knew I had to do a post as I didn't last week and it took all of my energy to type it and post it then you go and leave the sweetest comment. thank you for making my day are awesome. sorry to not see one of your magnificent tables this week.hope you are well.Susie

  2. This Paris décor was done by my ex- wife Susie, shes good at many things , and Table Scapes are her FORTE. Good Luck SUSIE,, ROY

    1. thank you for finally commenting on my blog i really appreciate it.Susie

  3. Oh Susie, Your table is perfect for a romantic Spring evening in Paris. No wonder Roy finally left a comment on your blog. A young man's fancy and all of that stuff. I see you have another post up now that I will be visiting shortly. I have been trying to get inspired to do a Paris table for a while now. I just don't seem to be able to put one together. I think I will draw some inspiration from your Paris table (if you don't mind) and get motivated to create an Evening in Paris too. There has been a lot of trauma and drama on my home front lately. Hopefully most of the drama has passed and I can get my life back to normal and be able to visit more often

    1. Oh Candy I have missed you I hope you are ok email and let me know how you are doing. thank you for your lovely comment. we have to pretend we are truly in Paris huh? I don't think it will ever be in my budget but I have a great imagination. feel free to copy anything you want you have inspired me plenty of times I am glad to be your inspiration. Susie

  4. Hi Susie,
    Your tablescapes are so lovely as usual. And congratulations on your vacation... you deserve it!

    1. Oh Tammy thank you for loving encouragement you are so appreciated.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.