Monday, April 6, 2015

Purple Passion

Hello everybody How was everyone's Easter I hope it was Joyful for all of you?.

I wanted to do a purple theme and found this beautiful little cat tea pot in the pansy pattern I collect at a local antique store and had to bring her home she fits right in with all my other pansy pieces.

this set looks like a real teapot size in reality it is a mini teapot set only three inches tall boy did the camera distort this

 I have several pieces to this pattern and love finding new ones to add to my collection from teacups to vases to eggs whatever I could find to make for an interesting collection. but with them being in storage I packed them (and every thing else) to fit in the crates and for strength so not all pieces were together so I don't have all of it here.

this cake plate was the start of this collection if I had known what my collection would look like years ago I should have left this piece in the store

Here she sits on a purple cake stand as my centerpiece .well I hope you enjoyed my purple passion this week. I have such great news to tell you all about. Like Susan at Between Naps on the Porch I too have had this Wanderlust in me to travel somewhere anywhere. So today I leave for my very first solo trip.I booked it arranged it paid for alone planned for it and the excitement level grows in me by the second. This evening I am flying to see Seattle for five days and am going to have the time of my life. For those of you who have followed my blog I have had a rough couple of months.So that is the main reason I set this in motion. I am sending off this blog then getting ready to leave for the airport. Wish me a safe trip and I 'll tell you all about when I return and Susan  just GO like me go somewhere!BYE

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  1. Susie, I love, love, love this table. My favorite colors. Wow, what beautiful details. Incredible! You surely own some nice things. Are you not posting on Tablescape Thursday? Thank you.


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