Thursday, June 5, 2014

Busy in May

Well I have to say I have a had one of the busiest months of my life. this included moving to my first apartment by myself, my son graduating from College, my oldest son getting engaged, filing for divorce( yea it has taken me ten years but finally getting it done) packing, unpacking and hosting a huge Hospital Bunco Auxiliary event for three hundred women.So some things had to be eliminated and sorry to say that was blog time. I didn't have a computer for three weeks and didn't have time to work on it anyways, 

So I haven't been able to  create any tablescapes and just pulled one from old files but it's bright and hopefully liked. I am obsessed with cake plates and anything with cupcakes and did this in honor of Birthdays. hey we all get them and celebrate them so lets have fun!

I love cupcakes and how they always make someone smile. Not only are they the perfect food to hold in your hand but decorating with them brings out the kid in all of  us.

And I got to bring out  my special Depression glasses that usually just get to collect dust on them in the cub-bards.

This is one of my absolute  unique cake plates and is in the shape of a Ferris Wheel how fun is that?

Cupcake canisters with cherries on top and cupcake aprons used as placements

I picked up these adorable little cupcake cards at an antique store aren't they too cute

wow don't they look good enough to eat I think I will go have a cup of milk and a cupcake one for each hand and enjoy myself. I 've deserved  them it's been a busy month.Hope you all have a great June

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