Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter is over and I am moving on

I Love Easter but after having my Easter decor up for almost a month I am really excited to pack it away and move on to the next design.While taking it all down I wanted to come up with something fun and whimsical yet still stay in the color palette of Spring-like and before I jump into the Cinco- De -Mayo bold colors (do you plan ahead for what you want your tables to look like?) I came up with Pink and Teal. Wow do they pop together. I am really impressed with these two color blends. I haven't used these together before but I am glad I tried it.

I combined pink and teal beads in  a jar, and used two chargers off set on each other  in  pink ruffled on top of the flat blue. .I used pink and teal glassware from GW and the little polka dotted cake plates I made. I think they are so cute

I placed the little cake stand on a medium pink glass stand for a little more height and paired the two colors of the candles with different heights.My table runner is reversible and picked it up at clearance at Big Lots. I love when we play at our tablescapes how we use different textures to create our themes. Here I used glass, ceramic, mercury glass candle holders with crystal, satin and lace table cloths two colored Hydrangeas. 

This still looks so soft and pretty with the play again on different patterns. my napkins are homemade(I am not reknown for my sewing skills) and I made the napkin rings

Finding teal tapers was easy . I went to IKEA they have tons of colors. Here is another version of my polka dot mini cake stand( I made two so they look like bookends)

 Here are my glassware side by side. I never knew when I purchased them that they would be used together but I love them like this.

I added more beads and a pink ribbon on the pink glass cake stand. I think I have an obsession with pink. I never took myself for a girly girl but I do have alot of items in the pink categories.

I love using beads in so many different ways, ok I  probably have them in every color under the sun.But come on when you have a 40 percent coupon at Michael's their dirt cheap.

 Here we are looking down the length of the table. I used tall apothecary jars filled with colored paper ribbons. They are like my beads ,I have them in tons of colors and styles.I usually switch them out with cupcake liners because of all the patterns they come in.

The bunnies went bye bye and starting the transition out of all the bird and nest stuff to  my next all time favorite item sea shells.

When switching out for Easter  I changed out my hutch to my Pansy theme. Besides pink, purple is another happy color and who can resist little pansy flowers with their beautiful centers?

 I have been collecting this pattern for years.Please don't notice how many things I collect. Even I can't count

So here is my completed table I really had fun creating it. Isn't that why we do tablescapes for fun? hope you like it. I want to thank everyone in blogland for all your beautiful creative processes. you all inspire me. Susie


  1. Susie, you are as bad as me with your collections! Don't you just love the thrill of the hunt when you are in pursuit of something to add to a collection? I have been collecting violet pieces for several years. I still do not have enough to fill a china cabinet, but I think I could fill a shelf. I like the teal and pink. Very pretty place settings. It is spring but not the Easter pastels.

    1. Hi Candy how are you ? I just read your comment and want to say aren't collections fun? I can't wait to see what I collect next.Susie

  2. Love all of the color!!!

    Thanks for sharing your post with Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

    1. Alma thanks for stopping by. I could never compete with all your color designs you come up with. You are my inspiration.Susie

  3. Your pinks and teals look really pretty together and you've created a very pretty tablescape. The colors are soft and pretty for spring. :) Your pansy dishes are so pretty, too; you've got quite a collection! Dishes are definitely fun to collect!

    Thanks for visiting me and I hope you have a wonderful week.


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise thank you for your wonderful comment. I LOVE dishes and cake plates so much that they need their own rooms.I gotta get a bigger place!Susie

  4. Hello Susie. You set the most colorful and cheery tables. I love the pink and teal combination. It is such a whimsical table. My collections are getting out of control too. I am addicted to china. I just can't pass up a pretty tea cup or plate. Thanks so much for visiting me. I do appreciate your visit.



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