Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter china hutch

A place for  my cake plates ooh look a little bird has landed on top of my hutch where did he fly in from ?


MY cute bunny cake stand waiting for treats

I am so behind in my blogs. my computer has been in the shop for almost three weeks and the new hard drive that was put in was defected and had to be replaced AGAIN and it has been so frustrating especially when I couldn't post anything or answer anything

Oops sorry so blurry but a new spring wreath I made

I love sleeping bunnies aren't they just so cute

These are napkin rings  I grabbed up at a Thrift store for only 50 cents never used Score

the bunnies left alone are multiplying what do I do? I swear I can't leave them alone

this fellow came from an antique store he actually had a date on the bottom from 1943 and is in perfect shape. I love that he looks like he is sugar coated.

I have stated how I love CAKE PLATES and own quite a few.

 aflit on top of the bird cage the butterflies have morphed and ready to take flight

this little cake stand is all decked out in it's Easter finery

my hutch is adorned in all it's Easter Happiness don't you love it I love all the brightness it brings to the room

Easter has filled my home and I am loving it
                                                         The lambs are dressed in their finest wool

                                                 Especially since I filled this hutch with over 11 cake plates
so here are my hutches decorated in their spring finery and Easter  dress. hope you like my d├ęcor.Easter is coming this weekend lets enjoy the beauty and whimsy the holiday can bring.love to all of you. Happy Easter to my fellow bloggors. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.       Hope you hop on over and enjoy my display.


  1. I am so glad that you are able to post again. I can't imagine being without my computer for a day much less three weeks. I love all of the wonderful Easter decor on the hutch. Beautiful, bright, and Springy! My favorite piece is the bunny with the cart from the antique store. I love his sparkle!!

    1. Candy thank you for your great comment it seems like I am on a mission to find more great looking bunnies like this guy.Oh well I can look for another year now.Susie

  2. So glad I did hop on over! What a wonderful idea to display so many of your cake plates together. I am a cake plate addict too and it doesn't help that I keep finding more beautiful ones. I love your Easter one with the little eggs and things dangling around the pretty rim. You did such a nice job creating these beautiful displays.
    I hope you have a very happy Easter!

    1. thank you for stopping by. I had a wonderful Easter but ready to take Easter down and decorate with something new.It seems in blogland our tables are up way before the actual Holiday then it becomes boring and I can't wait to move on.Susie

  3. I love all your cake plates! You can't ever have enough, and I love them displayed together!

    1. Hi Jenna why do new cake plates keep popping up at places like Ebay. I;ll never be able to stop getting more it is so frustrating.(HEE-HEE)Susie


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