Friday, February 13, 2015

bakers rack

Hello everybody  how are you all this week? Life is moving forward and I purchased this beauty on Craigslist for my new place(when I get one) Although everything in my life has drastically changed in the past two months keeping things that are familiar help to build your Faith  and hope that you will endure even if just some tiny trinkets from your life.

Although I already own a bakers rack I fell in love with this in a heartbeat mainly because it had these little drawers but also because it fits in my room where my bigger one does not.

I pulled a few items out of the storage unit and couldn't resist these mini bunny cake plates on clearance at Tuesday Mornings

I made these adorable little strawberries for a pop of color for a tenth of a yard material.they only took seconds to make.. I don't have a budget that allows any frivolites so buying a tenth of a yard was a luxury

 A few little birds for  hope of spring

 My room is all shabby chic(I'm trying to do shabby chic) and brought out the red that is in my bedspread but love the red among all the softness of the pinks and greens and the white earthen ware pot just looks so bright  between the reds.

 I know there is no rhyme or reason here just things I like,like a green shamrock bowl and pink depression glass bowl holding a hot pink candle and apothecary jar holding some of my napkin rings collection.

                                    A Pastry tray Yum my hat box that holds lots of trinkets 
these tiny little letters love them and my jadeite salt n pepper shakers

my beautiful pink and green plate.Of all my plates I have, this one plate (I own two) is my absolute favorite. I purchased them at Hobby Lobby and they just shout Femininity to me.

I can have a cup of tea if I 'd like

the soft pinks and the tiny floral pattern give me the illusion I have a garden.

I wanted to make a denim charger after seeing them at Michael's but didn't want to pay their price until my patient offered me three very old worn denim shirts that I cut and modged podged, added the buttons from the shirts and wahla how cute are these say for July fourth maybe?Well Hope everyone had a Valentine's Day or week filled with great love. may your new week be filled with renewed Joys and hopes.I am linking up with Susan at Betwwn Naps on the porch, Funky Junk Interiores, and lets join the scoop. share some love with someone who is having a harder struggle than you it will open your heart to a whole new world. with love to all Susie


  1. Susie, I totally understood your humor!! I think the same way and have a cake plate addiction too - so hard to store - best to display!! I love your new cake plate, I mean baker's rack! haha!!

    1. Oh Jacqueline I so love you and your beautiful blog you are amazing with all you do I would love to spend days shopping with you .do you ever travel to N Ca look me up please.Susie

  2. I love the denim charger (s) that you made. Very nice work, I'm afraid I am going to have to copy you. You are right they would be perfect for the 4th of July. We are locked into a deep freeze here in Ohio which greatly limits getting out and about lately. For some reason your comments come as a noreply blogger now (I can't just reply to you).

    1. Oh Candy I have missed you sorry to hear about the deep freeze. what do I do about the no reply thing? I hate how things get changed when you don't go in and change them at all I will send a long email right Susie

  3. Wonderful rack and you have styled it beautifully!

    1. Hey Bev How are you? I am so glad you stopped by .isn't this just to cute ? I love it and I love your comments too. Have a good week.Susie

  4. I so enjoyed looking at your treasures. I am sure it makes you feel at home to surround yourself with them I love how you did the denim chargers. How clever, they sure turned out great. But I think my favorite is the Shamrock dish, as I am Irish. Thanks, Valerie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.