Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ethereal green and pink

I created this tablescape after I had purchased this soft pink and green fabric so sheer like gossamer and gave off this Ethereal look. 

The dessert plates are the softest mint green not yellow like they look in the photos

I pulled out my tri-level cake plates in soft pink and filled with cupcakes(fake) and flowers made of burlap and lace

you can see the napkins are the same as the tablecloth with a soft green undertone otherwise you couldn't see them at all.

                                 I used pink goblets for candles and pulled all my pink depression glass out 

                                  I just love this glass it is probably the only thing I own that is girly-girly

the pink plates were a new find at an antique store what a steal they were on the bottom shelf buried under a bunch of stuff with dust a least an inch thick four plates in perfect condition for $12.00 I love the scalloped edges on them

I'm sorry and cheated  I used fake cupcakes instead of baking some real ones. well hey it's been my vacation all week and just haven't had the time  to make any plus it's the summer who wants to turn the oven on when it's 91 degrees outside

These are fake or should I say(faux) using tackle compound but show up as photo props real well. I'm sorry to say I have to return to work tomorrow. I wish I could afford to retire but that isn't happening for another ten years. It sure has been fun playing this week doing anything I wanted. I went to Disney Land for the first time in 26 years with my brother that haven't seen in 7 years. Got to go to the beach,spent a whole day antiquing and shopping, caught up with some old friends and drove out to Palms Springs and went on the Tram  car. Spectacular hope everyone is having a great summer talk to you all real soon.I will be joining Susan  with Tablescape Thursday@ http//


  1. Ooh la la! Yes, those napkins are absolutely ethereal!! What lovely linens - such a find. This is my second pink tablescape in a row and I just love it. Pink and green were my favorite color combinations when I was young and just learning to sew.
    Your stacked dessert plates are soooo gorgeous - another fabulous find!
    Thanks for your visit and comment! The truth is I like to create desserts as much as I like to tablescape and do interior design. I usually am the one asked to do a dessert for a party and so I have fun with it. Usually I create something for Sunday also for the family dinner. People ask how I can have that many desserts - they are usually shared and if not, I give some to neighbors so I don't eat the whole thing!!

    1. I am a Pastry Chef but when I see the desserts you make I want to copy everyone of them but yours are simply to die for plus you have such a gift of presentation. Because we eat with our eyes first so make your presentation count. I too give it all to neighbors they love living next door. thank you for your very kind comment I truly appreciate it.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.